Our Mission

To help treat the invisible wounds caused by trauma using the horses natural ability to heal, amplified by the well-known healing energy of Reiki, coupled with a professionally trained support staff.

Our specially attuned and trained horses give our healing treatments. This treatment is tailored to each clients needs either sitting on the horse or standing beside them. The Reiki energy is directed through our horses giving the individual a unique experience. We have found this process can be more profound as most allow the horses deeper access to areas that need treated.

Our professional senior staff coordinates each aspect of our therapies in conjunction with experienced counselors to provide safety nets and support during the recovery process. This way, each of our team can focus on their area of expertise while providing the most effective programs available to those with hidden traumas.

Our Friends and Sponsors

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We are now listed as a bronze seal member with Guidestar

and National Resource Directory

We have partnered with Sano Ti Amo to support Rev. Danny Garcia for Global Walk 2020.  We attended the start of Danny's walk in Indianapolis on July 4, 2020 and had a wonderful time with Danny and his team.  Paul and Karen even got to race with Mike Wallace and his family (Go-karting, not NASCAR).  Danny is walking across America in support of veterans and first responders through America Salutes You.

Click here to support Danny and his mission!

Through Equine Energy Work Academy classes, you can learn Reiki and multiple ways to block negative energies or emotions and how to keep people from draining your good energy. You’ll learn how to connect energetically for a more positive interaction, then how to disconnect after your interaction is over.  Class sizes are always small.

Sano Ti Amo Relief & Repair pain cream has a unique blend of natural ingredients and is one of the only FDA registered pain creams to contain full spectrum hemp.  Paul created this cream to help people with painful conditions.

Would you like to donate to Healing Heroes with Horses?

We use over 90% of all donations received to help defer the cost of our counselors.  We feel strongly that counselors trained to specifically deal with PTSD is required to complement the equine treatments due to the profound effect the horses have on veterans.  

Helpful Hotlines for Veterans

Veterans Crisis line - https://www.veteranscrisisline.net/

Lines for Life - Preventing suicide and substance abuse - https://www.linesforlife.org

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (also affiliated with Mental Health America): (800) 273-TALK (8255). Available any time of day or night, 365 days a year, this toll-free PTSD helpline has trained volunteers standing by to provide crisis intervention, to offer support for people in distress, and to give information and referrals to people with PTSD and their loved ones.

PTSD Foundation of America, Veteran Line: (877) 717-PTSD (7873). Providing referrals, information, and helpful resources to veterans and their families, this toll-free hotline is available 24/7.