Our Horses

All of our horses have different personality's and offer different experiences for people. We allow people to meet them and see which one they connect with.  If nothing else just being around them can be its own therapy. Since horses don't care who you are. were you've been what you've done in the past. IF your rich or poor tall or short. Skinny or fat.  They only care if you are kind to them. The same thing I look for. If they are nice to the horses the horses are a mirror they reflect that back. Our horses are picked for their ability to channel the healing energy.

Dancer is the horse we start with most often. He is a lovable and very tolerant horse for new riders. He also has a sweet disposition.  He is a bit lazy which is good to start with when introducing a new rider.   His gentle personality helps people that could use a bit of equine therapy.

Luna is a fiery redhead. Who only advance riders are permitted on. Her story inspires many though. Luna when she was just a monthold almost lost her leg and life when she was entangled in a fence when she was only a month old. The rope fence left horribly painful scars. Pain which made her very cranky and nasty for most of her life. Imagine yourself being in tremendous pain and having people wanting to ride on your back. How would you feel about that? So we had to wait till she was full grown to do much riding with her.

We had to use DMSO on her scar tissue to break it up.  An old horseman's trick. DMSO breaks up scar tissue and coats the nerve fibers so it also helps with pain. We also did shock treatments on the scars.  Dr Agle from Buckeye veterinarian  clinic has one that was used to break up kidney stones. Which he uses on scar tissue. I brought him a book on neurofacsial injections on humans. He had done a similar treat meant called messo therapy. So he was willing to try it.  It involves injecting large amounts of lidocane into the scar tissue. To break up the adhesion and numb the nerves. In doing so they can slow down the firing of the pain signals.  I had seen it work when I worked at the Ohio rehab center in canton. When Dr Djurich was still there.  

The results were impressive. After the first treatment you could see were she could lift her foot when she moved instead of dragging the toe on the ground as she previously did.  The video of that convinced some of the other vets in his clinic that were a little skeptical of the theory and actions of breaking up and treating scar tissue.   Myself as a massage therapist had seen in on humans many times. On how scar tissue could cause a lot of pain at the site and in other places. Its why I like the myofacial release technique so much when treating old injuries and scars.

After the treatments she is like a new horse. She isn't the super love muffin she was as a baby. But the grouchy don't touch me for any reason rank mare is gone.

Jet is our youngest and is used with intermediate riders. He is more energetic. But is a sweet boy that is very kind and understanding.

Storm is a well trained western pleasure horse. He has been to shows and the fair as a 4H horse for years.  

Chief is old man of the barn. He is very intelligent and easy to ride.  He has many smooth gates which people really enjoy. Since its not bouncy like other horses they have ridden.

Pinnacle is a small pinto who loves to receive Reiki treatments.

Sugar is a Shetland Pony with personality to spare.

Bella is a retired Thoroughbred race horse.

Senior staff

Our staff and volunteers work both with the treatment and care of our clients and our horses.

  • Toni Carman - Retired Psychiatrist MD MAA -Managing the counseling program
  • Morgan Rodehorst - MEd - Managing the Special needs client program with experience in many group home settings and has worked with clients with extreme behaviors
  • Karen DeLuca - MBA - Managing business and affiliations to fund our current programs and extensive expansions planned for our facilities
  • Christy Smith - Managing the healing and recovering program of our four-legged clients
  • Mary Ann Amoroso - Managing all website and computer aspects
  • Paul Amoroso, LMT - Ordained Minister, Reiki Master - Managing the treatment program utilizing the horses, teaching and providing many alternative healing therapies
  • Aaron Clites - Grant writer and therapeutic advisor

Approved Therapists

  • Martha McDonald, LPCC - Avenues of Counseling and Mediation - Phone 330-723-7977 - confidential@avenuesofcounseling.com
  • Ruth Friend - Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor - 3088 Wadsworth Rd, Norton, OH 44203 - Phone 330-760-6293
  • Holly Timberlake, Psychologist, PhD, DCEP - Phone  (330) 476-9938
  • Toni Carman, MD, MA Retired Psychiatrist  -  Medical and therapeutic coordinator - shakershrink43@gmail.com