Paul J. Amoroso LMT

2499 McClintocksburg Rd. Deerfield OH 44411

(330) 294-0583 Home office

330-310-4232 Cell call or text



National Institute of Massotherapy Copley, OH

Date of graduation: October 1995

Passed Medical License exam on Dec 7th 1995


1996 - 1997 Massage Therapist

Tallmadge Racquetball Club

Contact: Judy Cirino

October 1996 thru 2002

Massage Therapist at Ohio Rehab Center

Contact: Dr. Mark Pelligrino

Treating various painful syndromes,

Such as Fibromyalgia,

Car wrecks,

Chronic fatigue syndrome.

Sports and other injuries,

Workers Comp injuries,

Multiple Sclerosis,


Low back pain, etc


Strain Counter Strain, For new and old Srains or tight muscles old painful triggers.

Scar tissue therapy - Myofacial Release,

Vodder 1 Manuel lymphatic drainage.

Tavell Trigger Point Therapies including Spray and Stretch.

St. John's Neuromuscular Cervical Injuries and Pelvic Stabilization,

Sports Massage,

Ice Therapy,

Tragger therapy,

Reiki, Chi Gung , Polarity Therapy other healing energy systems.

Swedish Massage,

Sternal Sacral Balancing,

Touch for Health 1,

Maximum Athletic Performance System,

Shiatsu Acupressure,

Neuromuscular therapy.

Stretching Therapys

Harmonic Energy Balancing (Harmonic Energy Balancing - Via the Shiatsu and energy points of the body. Plus the the Reflex - organ points On the hands and feet. Using tuning forks to either stimulate or sedate the applicable Point. Instead of using Needles or Moxibustion. Same theory behind it. Different modality to achieve the results.)