Our Horse Patients

Here are just a few of the stories of the horses who come to us for care. Please enjoy the stories of:


Hobbes Story

Sometimes horses are the heroes we offer healing therapies to....
Hobbes was one of them.
Just a nice beautiful horse that just needed a bit of healing techniques to resolve and complete his therapy…
Hobbes testimonial by Sherry Eucker

This experience Showed me just how much the spiritual ,esoteric element is necessary in the healing process. We, Hobbes and I, can testify! Hobbes came into my life in 2010, a very frightened, physically messed up horse. As a youngster ( under 1year, according to him!) He was chased or spooked by something, ran from it, and didn't see the landscape boulders in his path, tripped over them and rolled head over hooves down a hill....he said he had double vision for a few days.... nobody helped him...he grew up crooked ( windswept) and with two "S" curves in his spine, along with dislocated withers and sciatic pain. This physical situation made it very difficult to handle it even accomplish simple ground work because every time he experienced the sciatic pain he would run from it...so... I found a horse chiropractor, who came every six weeks for about two years, restored his body ....but there was more trouble.... Hobbes was, as far as I could tell not in pain anymore, but still remained terrified to carry a rider.( Remembered sciatic pain?) He and I had parted company ( in the past, sciatic pain most likely the trigger) and after that, though he wanted me to get on, was clearly frightened, I can't say I was much better, although I had overcome the fear I had about being thrown off, the fear Hobbes had would travel up my chakras and practically reduce me to mush. I had met Paul through a friend of mine who studied with him. And asked if he, Paul would stop by and see what was holding Hobbes and I back . Paul agreed and rest us history. It seems, Paul found that Hobbes had stored all his bad memories and of his pain on his right side. It took Paul 1/2 hour to gain his trust and get close to him, and two more sessions there after, But he did manage to succeed...in time Hobbes let Paul removed all the old fearful memories and replace them with good ones (love). Hobbes allowed that his fear came from not knowing what caused the wreck and was afraid of hurting me or others...Paul also stripped me of the fear I had taken on and then put us back together as a team connected by our hearts. Today we are happy partners...Hobbes is a sound, sane well adjusted horse because of Paul Amoroso.

Jammer's Story

Jammer Jammers story… Heads up - Long Post....

This is the type of horse we take in to help heal old wounds to correct behavioral problems. So they can go on to a useful life. Hi all This is Jammer or Whammer Jammer as I nicknamed him. He had the extremely annoying habit of constantly whamming his head into anyone standing near him. He was brought to me because the new owner has spent 18 months trying to work with him and still needed some extra help. They had made some progress but wanted a different approach. The main problem he was here for was he wouldn’t trailer load… It took the owner a few times to finally load him and bring him over. The first day they couldn’t get him loaded. So they had to reschedule. To combat the putting a time to load for a time to arrive problem. I said I have empty stalls whenever you get him loaded bring him. When he finally arrived. The crew here found out the loading problem was only part of Jammer's problems. He wouldn’t willingly go in a stall. Once he was in the stall he would run whoever put him in over to get out. If you cracked the stall open he would try to break free. He constantly kicked the door of the stall. When on a lead he would pull and try to get his head to break loose. If you didn’t watch him on a lead he is a master at turning and getting his head and running off. Once they get the angle on a person. There is nothing you can do but let go or get dragged. Which happened to the one handler out here. He ran off and challenge my stud and declare his presence with authority… Taking our small female handler with him… So was Jammer mean? No not what I would call mean. . I consider a mean horse one that will try to hurt you on purpose at any opportunity. Jammer was always in a state of heightened anxiety, and disrespectful. But the owner felt unsafe trailer loading and lunging. He was one that would pop his rump up and kick out while lunging. To me it’s the F- you from a horse. Because he hated being alone or in a stall he gave off a scared energy that was palpable in a stall. So anyone in a stall with him tended to be uncomfortable. Now was jammer dangerous.. Oh very much so a scared out of control horse can cause serious injury quickly. With a year and a half in most would have given up. To be honest if no improvement would have been achieved. He wasn’t the type of horse many people would want to have around. Even if they had a lot of caring or patience. That type of behavior gets old quick. Since he belonged to a friend of a friend. Who is now a friend of mine. I took Jammer in to see if all the spiritual healing aspects we do here could help a fairly difficult case. I have been teaching a couple of people the other healing techniques I know. So it was a great hands on learning experience for them. Plus Whammer Jammer got 3 people working on him instead of just me. It was sort of an experiment. One of the things I want to have out here is a cycle of healing with people. Have the horses that are healers and whole help people that need healing. Then those that want to pay that debt back. Learn to do various healing techniques then help horses like Jammer heal. So they will continue useful lives as a horse you don’t mind either keeping or selling to someone else with a clear conscience. With the healing techniques and a couple weeks of time it wasn’t an instant change. Jammer quit trying to bolt out of stalls. The first time I put him in his stall and he went in and just ate hay like a normal horse I took note. When he wasn’t ADD twitchy bumping everything constantly I noticed. When he quit pulling and trying to bolt. I noticed and then would allow others to handle him even Julia the 15 year old that helps out here. When I would turn him loose In the arena with their trailer parked in it. He would run in to eat grain. Eat the grain then come out. I could also lead him in or send him in. Towards the end I would lunge him when he came out without asking. Then let him rest in the trailer. We did work both in the arena and in the trailer. I could stand in there a long time with him. I didn’t have much luck getting him to tie in the trailer or relaxing when the door was shut. He had such an extreme reaction the one time i tried. I had to hit the release latch and let him bail out the back. I hoped when the owner tied him the next time it would be different. But that was a no go either. He wouldn’t let her get him snapped in. So we let him sit a bit. Then added grain to the bucket and I tried again. No good again. I used a different trailer tie instead of the solid one. It was a bungie one. I hoped he would figure out he was tied and going home. But he bailed again and snapped it. I felt we had made a ton of progress that was positive. But this last hurdle. I figured it would take a long term commitment. Months at least to get him to tie in a trailer Which right now isn’t possible for me with the other projects I have going. In the future we will prepare for long stays if we bring them into our healing program. I don’t think he ever will stand quietly in one. Mine don’t. They will move , paw and do anything but stand quietly. But at least they wont break the ties pulling back on them. So that is what I was shooting for. Anyhow not many people want a horse that can never be hauled. Its possible but not to probable. He had made so much progress. I hoped that would be an option. If the owner was done with him. Especially since the main problem I couldn’t fix in a short time. I was hopeful that enough of a change had occurred that they would be moved to continue the process we started but didn’t finish here. So Old Jammer loaded up for the grain in the bucket. We shut the door and left him loose in the trailer as our only option. Neither one of us wanted to try to tie him again. Since it was dangerous with his reactions. They went home with Jammer slamming and banging away.

I got a text that they got home and unloaded. I didn’t quite understand everything about the text so I called. I was informed Jammer – Whammer Jammed the whole way home. In some instances they had to hold on the steering wheel with both hands. My heart sank. I was hoping for a better trip once he got going. Then they said the scary part was opening the door. Waiting for him to blow out the back and act like he always had. Which didn’t happen. When they opened the door. He was standing like he was tied up at the front like normal. ( Not what I was expecting to hear.) They had to go up clip a lead on him and back him out of the trailer. He came out nicely and didn’t go ballistic when he hit the ground. He went around the other horses but didn’t pull dash or cause his normal fuss with them. He went in his stall calmly and just started to eat. I was relieved.

I didn’t know if what we had done had helped enough to make much of a difference in him. Since the main problem of not loading wasn’t totally fixed. Since he could be enticed in with grain now but not load and stand tied like you would expect a horse to trailer. But there is hope for Jammer. His sweet personality was coming back. Being secure in his own skin and space was coming back. Being able to love on him and not get constantly bumped in the chest was gone. He was actually fun to be around again. So did Jammer get so mentally and spiritually fractured like this overnight? No he didn’t. One of his former owners reportedly kept him in his stall for 2 years because they couldn’t handle him. Which to me sounds like Jail time. Especially for an animal that doesn’t like to be alone. So more like 2 years in the hole solitary confinement jail time to me. We also think they put him in a trailer for extended periods of time to – get him over not liking to be in a trailer. Like days at a time…. So when you take a social animal and isolate them well. It doesn’t help matters much. Also I don’t think any amount of “training” was going to help. It would be like “training” the PTSD out of a soldier that has come back from Iraq or Afghanistan. You have to address the causative issues one the mental injury’s Two the spiritual injury’s. You cant hope to have much success with out addressing both. The mental with mental healing techniques. The spiritual injury’s with spiritual healing techniques. Sometimes these are the ones that run deepest that are the least addressed. Since many don’t want to admit animals have spirits that can be injured. Or that once injured there are things that can be done to repair it. One day mankind will admit that we are multi layered beings. Physical, mental – emotional , and spiritual. That each can be damaged and each can be healed. But that isn’t the common philosophy as of yet.

So that’s Jammers story. I told it here to inform and to let people know there are techniques to help animals with spiritual injury’s. Plus to ask anyone that can send energy – or Reiki to send it to Jammer if you have a Reiki grid place him on it. It will assist the owner with further healing of Jammer. He has been loading and unloading better for her at home. She knows that the process will take time. But told Jammer he isn’t going anywhere that he is her horse and has a home Which helped the process. I have seen what multiple people sending energy before can do. Jammer was an medium case of the invisible trauma’s that can be inflicted by humans. We had to use multiple layers of healing to affect any change in him. Luckily we know people that do all sorts of different treatments to accomplish this.

Bella's Story

Bella and Paul This is Bella, another example of a horse who needed healing therapy. You see, when a horse gets to this stage no amount of training or “desensitizing” as horse trainers call it would help. Imagine a veteran with PTSD trying to send him back to boot camp or basic training. Trying to “Train” the PTSD out of them. It doesn’t work on horses or humans much. Usually what you get when you do that is a hardening of the emotions of the horse or human so they don’t experience anything much. Humans get what some people call the 1000 mile stare. Horses with it are what’s called “dull” even though they can feel a fly land on them you can try to thump them all you want for a reaction and the horse doesn’t seem to react nothing gets to them. Thankfully the more in tune horse trainers now work with gentling and starting techniques instead of the old fashion “breaking” Let me ask you what do you think they “break” during that? The will they call it. They spirit also the mental and emotion and the soul. It breaks those so they can have control over the physical body of the horse. These “breaking” Techniques work but the result is an animal that is doing something because it fears retribution instead of a willing partner that has all of its facilities “whole”. A horse that is whole mentally physically, emotionally and spiritually. Faces challenges differently than one that is broke through experience. For example our soldiers when they go into the military. They are whole certain training techniques are applied to brake them down and rebuild them mold them into what they will need to survive battle or war. This has an effect on all that go through it. A comradery is produced and they are prepped in a very systematic way. When they go to their assignments through experience sometimes very difficult often extreme experiences they are changed. They gather sometimes physical damage mental damage and spiritual damage. Since we are three part beings. Many don’t want to admit that there is a soul or spirit. That it can be damaged. Let alone that it can be damaged or even greater still than that. There are techniques to help heal that. That is my area’ of expertise over the years. Yes we have spirits or souls yes they can get damaged and yes over time and through specific work repair can be done. That is the main difference in our facility. We offer help with all three. 

Back to Bella
Bella had a different version she was the opposite of dull she was what I call shattered. The least little thing would set her off. Boom she would blow up and do what horses do run from what was scaring her. I finally realized why my one friend didn’t take any off the track thoroughbreds because many of them have similar reactions and they are fast when they react. Many people that don’t know horses well think they are trained to ride. So they can take them off the track and ride them. Some you might be able to do that with. But most fall back on their training and instincts. Which means they are born and bred to run. They are also trained to run. Not much else. So if you aren’t well experienced with a horse that is born and bred to run you’re in for a wild ride.. I was asked to do energy work on Bella at a different stable. I use a mixture of energy’s since I am trained in many. Reiki, Qi Gong, Christian hands on healing and some healing energy’s the swami I studied with taught me plus multiple other healing systems. In working with the horse the owner noticed a difference. She asked could I do a lot more with the horse? Make a big difference. I said probably nothing is carved in stone when you are working with healing techniques. But it would take at least a week to see a big difference. Maybe a month. It takes time. I know people hate to hear it. But it takes the time it takes. In our fast paced world dominated by clocks and calendars. Most people don’t like that answer. But I would rather be honest with someone. Instead of making up unreasonable time tables. She agreed and sent her horse over to me for the healing therapy’s to be applied. Well this horse was afraid of everything and in the horse world its called a blow up. Their brains lock up because of some perceived threat and they go into instinct mode. Different thing trigger this in people and horses. Sometimes it’s a loud noise or a quick movement or something new. With Bella It was pretty much anything and everything. You never knew what was going to send her flying. She would sometimes run into things. Sometimes through them or jump over them and head for the hills. This was not a minor case. Simple energy work that we do wasn’t going to help at this level. I have been training on spiritual healing techniques my whole life. Ever since I was 18. It takes a lot of time experience and specific training to do it. If you are not well trained in it. I always suggest leaving it to someone that has. For both your benefit and others. I have 30 years of training and only under specific guidance started doing the advance work in the last few years. Anyhow I planned on doing one or two techniques a day to see how she would respond. The first day I worked on her twice. The second day the horse actually looked different to me. Its something I have seen before but with her it was quicker. Many others that have had horses over here have said the same thing. Their eyes change the way they hold themselves change etc. I went to put her halter on and she didn’t toss her head just allowed me to put it on her and she walked up to the arena. Not pranced looking in every direction quickly trying to see what was about to attack her like she had the day before. I could see the healing therapies changing her. But how do you “Prove” a horse has responded to healing work. I used to teach obstacle course work. How to teach horses how to accept obstacles and then go over them. Almost every obstacle tends to get harder. Bella didn’t like any of them the day before. I thought what if I proceed to take her over progressively harder obstacles to show how much she has come along. Traditionally you can introduce the horse to it and using pressure and release techniques you can get a horse over them in a short amount of time. This type of training had been tried in various forms with little luck. This horse had a LONG history of blowing up and hurting itself at the pressure and release technique. So much so she had flipped over backward and crushed her spinal bones that horse people call the withers. When they tried to force her to load in a trailer. She was one that developed a major aversion to trailers. She had Multiple injuries and multiple vet calls each year type of horse. Most people don’t keep them long because. They cost a fortune in vet bills. Which she had over the years. Bella has been injury free for many years. The only vet call in the past 4 was over an infection in her leg. She tore it up especially the lymphatic channels during her last race. It has had swelling problems ever since.
Back to proving the horse was better. I took her to a six inch high bridge. Its 4x8 wide since it’s a ¾ inch plywood deck on top of 6x6’s . For my own safety I took her over on a 10 foot lead rope. Let her walk up to it then asked her to walk over it. She sniffed it snorted at it then walked over it in both directions on the lead rope. Horses have to be shown something in each direction their brain doesn’t share info the way ours does. So its actually new to them on both directions or both sides of their body. I then took the lead rope off and slid one finger through her halter. I asked with one fingers pressure in each direction. She complied. I had my proof. Each day I did one or two sessions with her and each day added a new obstacle. I worked up to the dreaded plastic bag and walking over a blue tarp. Same thing each day with her. Once over with a lead rope. Once over with a finger in her halter to guide her in each direction. Up to the point where she would load the same way in a trailer. The trailer was a trauma source to her. Like many horses she was beaten to get into the trailer. She even flipped over once when she was being forced to get in. If I got a beating or butt whipping every time I got near something. I wouldn’t want to go near it either. You can “train” the horse to accept it. But put your self in the horses shoes. Would you rather heal the trauma so you can willingly get in a trailer. Or be trained to accept the fear that comes with getting on a trailer every time… ? It’s a different approach. One that takes a lot of time and experience to acquire. But we have found it works for us. A healing approach over training. Along with tools to deal with things when they come up. Anyhow the owner came out after a week to pick up her horse. She was amazed at the transformation. At first not believing me until she saw the horse handle all the obstacles with ease. With me just using one finger in her halter. The final one was the trailer. She would walk up and step up onto the trailer without blowing up and kicking the crap out of the sides of it. A major step forward. The owner knew the horse had changed drastically. I said get your gear on and ride her. So she tacked her up and rode her. After letting her make a couple laps to get comfortable. I said I meant over the obstacles to prove to you how they don’t bother her anymore. Her face went pale at this suggestion so she went over the easy ones to start. After that I said take her over the tarp? All of a sudden the horse started acting scared at the tarp. Because the rider was scared. Horses mirror whats in us. I said that horse isn’t afraid of that tarp. YOU ARE….. Now quit telling her with your emotions and energy that there is something to be afraid of. Because she believes you. She knows you wont lie to her. ( Horses are prey animals with a very keen sense of feelings. Those that didn’t develop keen feelings and instincts of danger in the past ended up dinner to a predator. The ones that had a keen sense of feelings lived to pass that ability to their offspring.)
I said she doesn’t mind the bridge at all. Ride once more over it then over the tarp but clear your “feelings” That she will have a problem with it. Ride over it like she has ridden over it a thousand times. Look forward where you want to go… Just like that they went over without a hesitation without her scooting sideways at the last second like she always did with her before. Bella went over all the obstacles and quit being terrified and reacting at everything. Her owner was amazed at turn around. I explained when a being is whole body mind and spirit. We react differently. We come at things with confidence. When our souls are fractured even small things scare us. Bella had other obstacles to overcome with her owner. Which took time . Although we helped with the healing and speeding up healing time. It isn’t an instantaneous thing. Healing takes time. But it is possible. When I bring horses in for the intensive indigenous style healing. We do an intake info on them before we agree to work with them. For our safety and theirs. We also make sure the home they are in will be a safe and permanent one. We don’t find it fair to remove a horse’s natural protection to past abuse. Unless it will be in a place it won’t be needed.